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Measure and Boost Meeting Engagement

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Real, usable, data.

Track meeting behaviours, distill company culture and drive quality engagement and diverse participation

Meeting analytic metrics

Understand Engagement

See when attendees arrive and leave, who speaks the most, and how engaged the listeners are

Unpack Participation

Dive into company meeting culture by exploring speaking minutes by demographic

Track meeting hours

See how your team are allocating their time by project, meeting host, and meeting type

A video call you want to be on

Features that set our video calls apart
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Set timed agendas

Agendas are a meeting's best friend. They help set clear expectations of who needs to be involved, the anticipated outcome, and the key topics to discuss.

Screenshot of Team.Video’s non-verbal responses menu open and some streams showing examples of its use

Non verbal responses

Emojis make it easy to convey feelings like I agree or I’m confused without having to unmute and interrupt a speaker. There is also an easily accessible Raise hand icon that alerts the group that you have something to add.

Screenshot of Team.Video’s notes sidebar open with notes for an interview

Take collaborative notes

Good notes are key to effective meetings. With you can collaborate with your teammates and take notes together in real time without having to share a screen or use another app!

Screenshot of Team.Video’s word game open with some of the words completed

Word games

With’s word game, participants have been showing up to meetings early! We’ve found that for scheduled meetings, most meeting participants are there on average 2 minutes before the scheduled start time. Play a game against your team while you wait for everyone to arrive!

I love how we can use emojis to convey how we feel without disrupting the flow of conversation, and the timed agenda blocks help us stay on track when we have a lot to discuss.

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Jason Shen
CEO at Midgame

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